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Manna Publications provides Bible teaching commentaries in the form of easy to read and understand Bible teaching books. They are printed at the point of need anywhere in the world. These Bible study guides are written by ex-missionary Fred Morris who explains the truth of God based on the New International Readers Version of the Bible 1998 edition in plain English.

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The 40-page booklets published by Fred Morris are in ready-to-print form and can be downloaded in English, French or American Spanish for self-publishing or translation into local languages. They can also be supplied by email on request with personalised covers.

Manna Bible commentaries are suitable for new believers and provide additional teaching for use by pastors, teachers and students or all who wish to know more about the Christian faith. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own basic Christian teaching and Bible study guides. They are helpful for individuals and for groups of believers where there is no trained teacher or Bible teaching books. 

These Bible studies provide opportunities for starting small-scale self-publishing businesses. You may download them free, print them, sell them or give them away. See Manna publicity article: MORE

Western culture/jargon has been removed and religious terms explained so the books are suitable for any culture and are therefore easily translated free from error into other languages.

'Publications Manne' fournit des commentaires bibliques gratuits en simple français courant afin d'enseigner la Parole de Dieu et d'apprendre le langue. Chaque commentarie biblique est en français courant et simple pour étudier seul ou en groupe. On est autorise à telecharger nos livrets, d'en imprimer et de les vendre ou d'en faire cadeau.

Easy-to-Read English and French Bible Teaching Commentaries - Ready to Print FREE. Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained - easily translated into local languages.


Rwandan Pastor using Bible Commentaries
Rwandan pastor using Manna Bible Commentaries