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Bible teaching in Easy English & European languages for online viewing, translating and 
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Please tell us if you would like help to publish a Manna book where you live or need to start translating.

Manna Publications (UK) Privacy Policy

Manna UK is a charity that does not sell products or services.

We affirm that names and email addresses and postal addresses supplied to Manna Publications (UK) will only be used to reply to you or contact you or to send you occasional newsletters or prayer letters and that no other individual or organisation will be supplied with your details, in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations, May 2018.

"Please tell us if you need to know how to print our Bible teaching commentaries in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Also if you would like to translate them into your own local language to publish them for you."

Publications Manne (France), en association avec Manna Publications (UK) Politique de Vie Privée

Nous confirmons que les noms, adresses mail et adresses postales fournis aux Publications Manne (France) seront utilisés uniquement afin de vous répondre ou vous contacter ou de vous envoyer des lettres de nouvelles et de prières. Vos informations personnelles ne seront transmises á aucun individu ni organisation, en conformité avec le Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données, mai 2018.

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