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Unabridged Writings of Fred Morris

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Fred's unabridged (unedited) writings are being uploaded as part of Fred's Bible teaching legacy. They were archived by the late Jim Norman, Bedford, UK. He assisted Fred during the period 2002 to 2017 by proof-reading over 150 Bible topics written by Fred after his retirement in 1990. Note that these booklets have not been edited by Fred's UK editorial team.

Title Topic or series Read text
Aaron, brother of Moses People of the Bible DOC
Adam to Noah History in the Bible DOC
Amos Books of the Bible DOC
Angels The meaning of... DOC
Anti-Christ ...and Christ's return DOC
Authority Christian authority DOC
Babel History in the Bible DOC
Baptism The meaning of... DOC
Beginnings History in the Bible DOC
Christ and His Church Living for Jesus DOC
Coming on the clouds Living for Jesus DOC
Creation History in the Bible DOC
Cyrus the Great History in the Bible DOC
Daniel 1-2 People of the Bible DOC
Dark Ages of History The meaning of... DOC
Darkness to Light Living for Jesus DOC
David’s Son reigns The meaning of... DOC
Death and Resurrection Bible study on Jesus DOC
Demon spirits The meaning of... DOC
Elisha People of the Bible DOC
The Empty Tomb Living for Jesus DOC
Eve People of the Bible DOC
Every eye will see Him Living for Jesus DOC
Free to choose? Living for Jesus DOC
Gideon People of the Bible DOC
Glory of God The meaning of... DOC
God’s eternal plan The meaning of... DOC
God’s promises to David The meaning of... DOC
God’s prophets People of the Bible DOC
Healing broken hearts Living for Jesus DOC
Heaven The meaning of... DOC
Hell or Sheol NEW The meaning of... DOC


Non-European Manna Bible teaching commentaries

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Language Title Read online
Albanian Genesis part 1 PDF
Arabic Mark part 1 PDF
Armenian Romans part 1 PDF
Bemba Mark part 1 PDF
Burmese Mark part 1 PDF
Chichewa Genesis part 1 PDF
Hausa Mark part 1 PDF
Kiluba Revelation part 1 PDF
Kisongye Revelation part 1 PDF
Lugandan Mark part 1 PDF
Nepali John part 1 PDF
Oromo Mark part 1 PDF
Sidama Genesis part 1 PDF
Swahili Acts part 2 PDF
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