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Bible teaching commentaries written in Worldwide Easy English for downloading and translating and printing as 40-page low-cost A5 booklets. Published in 42 countries and as many languages since the year 2000. We also supply large print versions (size A4) in full colour which are suitable for reading online - and mobile-friendly.
  • Written by a former Australian missionary in Africa and Asia who understood the need to use Easy English to improve literacy and provide easy-to-understand-and-translate Bible teaching without risk of error.
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  • Manna Publications Bible teaching books are also suitable for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities or limited literacy skills. They are highly commended for learning to read basic English whilst studing the Bible. See also our large-print Bite-size Manna teaching books for partially sighted readers and for younger readers EASY READ English versions.
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    Helena with Mark Part 1 commentary in Kiluba language Dem. Rep. Congo 2018

    Manna Publications provide easy-to-read Bible teaching courses or commentaries, free to print or download, with Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained, which are also easily translated into local languages. Photo: Helena (can you see her baby?) with Mark part 1 Manna Bible teaching course in Kiluba language (40 pages, size A5) printed locally in Lubumbashi, Dem. Rep. Congo 2018.

    Our Bible teaching courses or commentaries by Fred Morris are in ready-to-print form online and can be downloaded free in Easy English, French, Portuguese and Spanish for self-publishing, teaching or translation into local languages. Find online the English Bible commentaries HERE and the French Bible commentaries HERE. Or in International Spanish HERE. Also, Potuguese Bible Commentaries HERE. Printer's files can also be supplied by email on request with personalised cover details. Some titles are available in other languages.

    Distributing Manna books and Bibles in Malawi

    Enock Dimba (front left) distributes Manna Bible teaching commentaries funded by Manna Publications (UK) and Bibles funded by Christian Resource Ministries (Scotland) to pastors and church members in Chichewa-speaking Malawi and Mozambique.

    Manna Bible teaching courses or commentaries are suitable for new believers and provide additional teaching for use by pastors, Sunday School and youth teachers and students or all who wish to know more about the Christian faith. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own Easy English or French or Spanish or Portuguese Bible teaching for groups of believers where there are no trained teachers or teaching books. 

    In the past 20+ years, God has enabled Manna Bible teaching courses or commentaries to be published in:
    Angola, Armenia, Benin, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Congo Dem. Rep. (Kinshasa and Katanga), Congo Rep. (Brazzaville), Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
    and in 42 languages plus 2 in Braille

    FRANÇAIS 'Publications Manne' fournit des commentaires bibliques gratuits en français simple et facile á lire afin d'enseigner la Parole de Dieu et d'apprendre la langue. Chaque commentaire biblique est en français courant et simple pour étudier seul ou en groupe. Vous pouvez télécharger nos livrets, les imprimer et les vendre ou en faire cadeau. Pour tout renseignement, vous pouvez nous contacter

    ESPAÑOL 'Publicaciones Maná' ofrecen gratis unos comentarios bíblicos sobre la Palabra de Dios. Son unos libritos de 40 páginas en español sencillo y fácil de entender. Se puede estudiarlos solo o en grupos de personas. Damos nuestro permiso para descargar estos libritos [AQUI], imprimirlos y venderlos o regalarlos. Si desean mas información, pueden [contactarnos] aquí

    PORTUGAIS Manna Publications (Reino Unido) providencia comentários bíblicos gratuitos, em português que é fácil para ler, para ajudar a entender e aplicar a Palavra de Deus. Você pode usar cada livrinho em estudos quando está sozinho ou quando está num grupo. Pode fazer download dos nossos livrinhos, imprimi-los e vendê-los a um preço baixo, ou pode distribuí-los gratuitamente. Para mais informaç ões, entre em contacto conosco em contact

    Manna Publications provide easy-to-read Bible Teaching Commentaries free to download with Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained, which are also easily translated into local languages.


Manna author, ex-missionary Fred Morris (USA)

Manna author, Australian missionary Fred Morris, retired to the USA and established Manna Publications (USA) in the year 1990, Manna Publications (UK) worldwide easy English versions in the year 2000 and Spanish, French and Portuguese translations soon after. The first overseas printings of his Genesis Bible teaching commentary Part 1 were with his former missionary contacts in Mongolia and Kenya. Around 650,000 low-cost A5 booklets have since been printed and reprinted (typical print runs are 500 copies per title) in 40+ countries and as many languages at various points of greatest need since 2001, plus undocumented quantities before that.

Fred died September 13th 2018 at the age of almost 94. He leaves a worldwide volunteer organisation of administrators, donors, prayer supporters, editors, publishers, printers, translators and distributors, who endorse his Bible teaching in easy-to-read commentaries. They welcome the opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ 'to the ends of the earth'.

Read the life story of Manna author Fred Morris "From Navy Boy to Missionary".

God enabled Fred Morris to benefit from Frank Laubach's ministry (as did Billy Graham) to help people whose literacy was poor. Frank applied the principle of "each one teach one" through the preparation and distribution of simple Bible reading material in the USA and then send them to the developing nations. God's vision to Fred was to write his own simple Bible teaching commentaries in Worldwide Easy English, then print them overseas at points of greatest need where believers have few Bibles and even fewer Bible teachers. This has been happening in over 40 countries and languages. .

View the Wikipedia account of Frank Laubach here and his connection with Manna Publications Worldwide Easy English Bible teaching commentaries.

Fred's ministry not only fulfils the vision given to him over 30 years ago but also fulfils in part the promise of Jesus Christ to enable His followers to do even more than He did when He lived on Earth 2000 years ago. God's Enabler or Helper is the power of the Holy Spirit given to the Apostles after the Ascension of Christ, which is received today by faith in Christ, God's Son, by all who repent and are then baptised (Luke 24:47; Acts 10:47-48).

Manna Publications (USA) mission meeting at Fred's church in Viginia 2006 with visitors from Manna UK. Fred Morris is far right; Lorna Morris is second from left.

Church leaders in Malawi holding Manna Bible teaching commentaries before a showing of The Jesus Film.