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Terms and Conditions of Use

The Bible teaching commentaries of Fred Morris are published free of copyright restriction for personal use or for publishing, in part or in whole, by our overseas volunteers for sale or for free distribution, on the understanding that:

1. Acknowledgement of copyright is given to "Fred Morris, Manna Publications (USA) Inc. All rights reserved."

2. Details of the printer and publisher/distributor are added to the inside cover.

3. No changes or additions are made to the original English text without written permission.

(July 2007; Rev July 2018)

Manna Publications (UK) Privacy Policy

Manna UK is a charity that does not sell products or services. We confirm that names and email addresses and postal addresses supplied to Manna Publications (UK) will only be used to reply to you or contact you or to send you occasional newsletters or prayer letters and that no other individual or organisation will be supplied with your details, in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations, May 2018.

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