Manna Publications (UK) partners with:

Armenia: Armenian Ministries, Spalding (UK)
Ethiopia: SIM Publications, Addis Ababa
Mozambique: Project Mozambique, Beira
USA: Manna Publications (USA) is the parent organization to Manna (UK) and supply both adult and children's Bible teaching books overseas. View their free downloads (letter size).
UK: Manna Publications (UK) is affiliated to Avail, Leeds. (Look for Manna volunteers, Bill and Angela Russell.)
UK: Manna Publications (UK) supports the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith.
UK:  Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend MissionAssist (formerly Wycliffe Associates) Bible commentaries in Easy English for free downloading.
UK: MissionAssist helps Manna Publications (UK) with specialist software and book publishing skills at Their aim is to help overseas workers to show and teach God's love to people everywhere. They produce the EasyEnglish Bible and also Bible studies and commentaries.

Other Useful Literature Mission Links

Gideons Bible helps Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend The Gideons International Bible helps on a large range of topics to meet all needs. Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend Gospelcom Christian literature ministries. Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend Bible Gateway which offers search and print facilities for approx 60 different English Bibles (including the NIrV Bible used in Manna Publications Bible Teaching Commmentaries) plus many other languages. Suppliers of “The Big Journey” series to view and read 16 PDF files online or off-line, which makes the Bible clear, explains the Christian faith and helps understand God's purpose in life from His creation in the beginning to His new creation in Jesus. Colourful A5 Bible stories and audio downloads are available from GRN plus Bible-based illustrations.

'The Way of Righteousness' by Rock International at One hundred 15-minute audio recordings explaining key Bible themes in English, French and various languages for Arabic believers. Also as downloadable text files.

View a 4-page 'Summary of the Bible' here: PDF version or RTF version

Old Testament teaching in the light of messianic Jewish teaching for today at by Manna co-founder Penny Byrne

Overview of the books of the Bible on video: The Bible is alive

Manna Publications provide easy-to-read Bible Teaching Commentaries free to download with Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained, which are also easily translated into local languages.


Selling Manna Bible commentaries in Africa after church meeting
Selling Manna Bible commentaries in Africa after church meeting