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Bible teaching in Easy 
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Manna Publications (UK) prints teaching books for:

Armenia: Armenian Ministries, Spalding (UK). Online donations for humanitarian aid work at:
Mozambique: Project Mozambique, Beira. Online donations for humanitarian aid work at:
Malawi: Christian Resource Ministries, Blantyre. Online donations for orphanages, schools and churches at:
Uganda: Child Support Ministries Africa, Kampala. Online donations for orphans and vocational skills at:

Manna Publications (UK) partners with:

USA: Manna Publications (USA) is the parent organization to Manna (UK) and supply both adult and children's Bible teaching books overseas. View their free downloads (letter size and half-letter sizes).
USA: Manna Publications Spanish commentaries to download Bible teaching books (half-letter size) originally produced for printing in Guatemala.
UK: Manna Publications (UK) is affiliated to Avail, Leeds. (Look for Manna volunteers, Bill and Angela Russell.)
UK: Manna Publications (UK) supports the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith.
UK: We are pleased to recommend MissionAssist (formerly Wycliffe Associates). MissionAssist helps Manna Publications (UK) with book publishing skills.

Useful online Bibles in easy english: Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend Bible Gateway which offers search and print facilities for approx 60 different English Bibles (including the NIrV Easy English Bible used in Manna Publications Bible Teaching Commmentaries) NIrV Bible plus Bibles in many other languages.

Read online the Easy English Bible published by Mission Assist UK.

View The Jesus Book New Testament in Worldwide English PDF version published by SOON Publications, England, in 1998 and republished in 2023 by Manna Publications (UK) in memory of George Verwer (Operation Mobilisation).

Useful Bible summaries:

View a 4-page 'Summary of the Bible' (by Hodder & Stoughton): HERE. Read 150-word summaries of each book of the Bible (by MissionAssist UK): HERE or fuller summaries of each book (by HERE.

Read a summary by Manna volunteer Robert Betts in full colour of 'The Life of Jesus' illustrated, or print an A5 version in black unillustrated, or read a preview here.

Overview of the Old Testament, adapted from "Applied Old Testament Commentary" overview by Dr Tom Hale, former colleague of Manna Publications author Fred Morris, 4000 words.

Other Useful Bible Literature Links:

Gideons Bible helps Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend The Gideons International Bible helps on a large range of topics to meet all needs.

View full-length Applied Bible Commentaries recommended by Manna author Fred Morris at: Old Testament and New Testament These commentaries are written by Fred's former friend and colleague Dr. Tom Hale. Scroll down to see all 1000+ pages per book before buying these valuable resources. Manna Publications (UK) is pleased to recommend Gospelcom Christian literature ministries. Suppliers of “The Big Journey” series to view and read 16 PDF files online or off-line, which makes the Bible clear, explains the Christian faith and helps understand God's purpose in life from His creation in the beginning to His new creation in Jesus. Colourful A5 Bible stories and audio downloads are available free from GRN. Also the GRN Bible Picture Pack at which is used by Manna Publications for illustrating our Bible teaching commentaries. Available in black or full colour.

Download 'Manna for Children' colouring books by Lorna, wife of Manna Publications author Fred Morris at Manna books, USA

Old Testament teaching in the light of Messianic Jewish teaching for today at by Manna co-founder Penny Byrne

View the GRN Bible Picture Pack at which is used by Manna Publications (UK) for illustrating the Bible teaching commentaries written by Fred Morris.

View the Wikipedia account of Frank Laubach here and his connection with Manna Easy English Bible teaching commentaries

View Bite-size Manna teaching for Mark and Acts HERE

Read daily prayers for blessing God's people who are persecuted or traumatised by climate change, plagues, terrorists or wars, by Barnabas Aid for the worldwide suffering church at BarnabasAid

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