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Bible teaching in Easy 
English & European languages for online viewing, translating and printing worldwide

FEATURES: Manna Bible Teaching Commentaries by Fred Morris

* Give a greater understanding to Bible teaching and God's pupose in Jesus Christ.

* Uses Easy English, French, Portuguese or Spanish for translation at the point of need, easily and accurately, without error.

* Encourages reading of the Bible before each study.

* Christ-centred application throughout.

* Religious and theological words explained.

* Western culture and idioms removed.

* Questions to talk about in groups and for personal meditation.

* Additional information for pastors and teachers.

* Supports Evangelical Alliance statement of faith

* Educates readers in Worldwide Easy English/français courant.

* Easier to translate quickly and more accurately.

* Free to download, copy, print, sell, translate VIEW HERE.

* Ethically-based printing process ensures local print businesses benefit from our funding at the point of need. (None of our books are printed in the USA or Europe to ship overseas.)

* Recommended for starting small-scale local publishing businesses.

* We supply free downloadable large print versions (size A4) which are also mobile-friendly.

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