FEATURES: Manna Bible Teaching Commentaries
by Fred Morris

* Give a greater understanding to the Bible and God's pupose in Jesus Christ.

* Encourages reading of the Bible before each study.

* Christ-centred application throughout.

* Religious and theological words explained.

* Western culture and idioms removed.

* Questions to talk about in groups or for personal use.

* Additional information for pastors and teachers.

* Supports Evangelical Alliance statement of faith www.eauk.org.

* Educates readers in basic English/French vocabulary.

* Easier to translate quickly and more accurately.

* Free to download, copy, print, sell, translate here.

* Recommended for starting small-scale local publishing businesses

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    TESTIMONIES of salvation through Jesus Christ and encouragement in the Christian faith after reading the Bible and Manna teaching books

    Ma Grace Delivered from Voodoo

    In over 19 years of publishing the Bible teaching books of Fred Morris in the developing nations, this picture is probably the most graphic to be emailed back to Manna UK. It is evidence of the changed life that the truth of God can bring to people who have been set free from the bondage of sin - personal sin and the sin of others. In this case, Ma Grace, who lives in a remote part of Nigeria, received the Good News of Jesus from a visiting team of evangelists and teachers from Cameroon. Her dead husband had terribly abused her through brutal and manipulating voodoo spirits. However, in His mercy, God spoke to her and saved her through faith in Jesus and freed her from the bondage of the past. Her life-style and outlook quickly changed as she read the Bible and Manna Bible teaching books and worshipped with other believers... MORE

    LATEST NEWS FROM ARMENIA ."The Covid-19 crisis is getting worse in Armenia, the authorities are struggling to get the situation under control and the number of new cases is escalating. We are thankful for what the Lord is enabling us to do and even though we also aren't able to continue with a lot of our normal ministry activities, we are thankful for the new opportunities that have been opened up to us. In particular, there is a greater interest in the gospel and the Word of God - a result of a lot of the things people hold onto to being shaken!
    As you are aware, the situation of many of the poor in Armenia was already desperate prior to the current situation, but has now been made much worse by the current situation. Apart from the direct effects of the virus, there is also the economic effects. The main physical need at the moment is food and help with medical costs (not necessarily related to coronavirus) and our small team is kept busy distributing these items. As we distribute these parcels of aid, there are often opportunities to talk to the folks about the things of the Lord, but we also are able to put some evangelistic or discipleship literature in each parcel. We are grateful for the Manna booklets which have proved time and time again to be a great blessing in this respect." (Armenian Ministries, Spalding, UK, 18th June 2020.)

    "Last year in a Christian Seminar I bought the book, Beginnings, Genesis 1-11, by Mr. Fred Morris. The book blessed my soul by the deep exposition in it. . . Our church is young and without a Bible expositor; therefore your help will go a long way in supporting our spiritual growth. (Kenya).

    Thank you for the book 'Beginnings: the Origins and Purpose of Life' and 'Abraham: the Father of all who Believe the One True God'. I get much strength from these two books. These support me to broaden my knowledge of God and understand the creation story correctly.

    Helena with Mark Part 1 commentary in Kiluba language Dem. Rep. Congo 2018

    Manna Publications provide easy-to-read Bible teaching commentaries, free to print or download, with Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained, which are also easily translated into local languages. Photo: Helena (can you see her baby?) with Mark part 1 Manna Bible teaching course in Kiluba language (40 pages, size A5) printed locally in Dem. Rep. Congo 2018.

    I want to thank you for all the books your organisation has printed. I am presently serving in jail for drug related offences. I accepted Jesus into my life.

    I wanted to update you on the response that we have had to Genesis Part 1. You will be pleased to know that of the 1000 copies printed, almost all of them have been distributed with just a handful remaining. They have been very well accepted, and we have had a number of requests for more copies to be given out. All in all, the response has been very encouraging, for which we praise God!

    In just two years we have printed and reprinted over 10,000 copies of the Manna Bible commentaries. We have added new church plants in locations that had no Christian church at all; we have motivated young believers through the Manna books we have printed and crossed the borders of Cameroon [into Nigeria] in just a short time. We have encouraged pastors in rural slums where many have gone to full-time ministry training and are still in training; we have thrilled missionaries. (Cameroon)
    Read a more recent report from Cameroon

    I am fine and still busy but the Lord is glorified. The Manna Bible commentaries are welcomed by many churches and study groups. So it is good to know that your help is useful to many.
    (Burkina Faso)

    "When I see many underprivileged people daring to buy Manna Bible commentaries, I realise always the great hunger which many people have for Christian literature in their native languages and also in French." (Katanga Province, Dem. Rep. Congo.) Read a recent report from Katanga

    Testimonies from Cameroon, March 2019
    Rev. John Mokake expressed a thank you message for Manna Commentaries. He writes, "This is a great spiritual awakening in our church community through Manna book ministry. We as a church are witnessing growth amongst youth groups, women ministry with new membership flocking in from the rural community. The bible study and women leadership lesson is enriching and explains the spiritual maturity. Thank you Francis and Manna team in U.K. We are benefiting from your support toward evangelizing our communities, quarters and cities. Continue with this great work. Thank you once more." Rev Paul Mokake.
    A young Barka Pastor writes, "We who have been abandoned by government institutions and being the less privileged in Cameroon can now see the gleams of light coming to us from Manna books. We started a community study Centre where our young people are most encouraged to learn and practice new evangelism skills. Our women are tackling spiritual growth challenges with home responsibilities, all with enthusiasm and love for our young community church. We already have 30 youths and 25 women enrolled for regular study at center and devoted in leadership training. They need more support to step up through skilled training for poverty alleviation. We will be glad to hear more details about available opportunities for women and young youths. Blessings!
    New Print Request from the field and from distributors will be communicated soon with other news from other zones.


Readers in the Chin Hills, Myanmar, receive the first ever Bible commentaries in their local language
Young readers in the Chin Hills, Myanmar, receive their first ever Bible commentaries in the local language

Malawi workman studying his copy of a 40-page Manna Bible teaching commentary in the Chichewa language.