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From Manna Publications volunteers in Africa and Asia who translate, puplish, print and distribute Manna Bible teaching commentaries by the late Fred Morris

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August 4th 2022. Myanmar: The Bible teaching commentary of Revelation chapters 1-3 has been translated and typeset in Myanmar in the Mizo Chin language, and print costs have been forwarded from Manna UK. The translation of Genesis Part 1 commentary is now complete, awaiting typesetting. Manna strategy meeting: The annual meeting welcomed the offer by Manna USA volunteers to administer the distribution of more Spanish commentaries in Mexico and to extend the ministry elsewhere in Central and South America. Thank you to all who prayed for the meeting.

July 29th 2022. Mexico: Funding has been sent to our new distributor in Mexico to print 500 copies each of John parts 1 and 2 Bible teaching commentaries in Spanish. Annual Manna Publications strategy meeting: Please pray for the Manna UK and USA supporters who will be attending a Zoom video meeting on Sunday 31st July to pray about and review publishing trends and strategies to meet overseas Bible literature needs.

July 20th 2022. Malawi: A new distributor in Balaka has been provided with start-up funds for printing two Manna Bible commentaries in two languages, totalling 800 books. New edition: A second edition of John part 1 Chapters 1 to 11 has been published and is available on the website to download. New title: Our 23rd Bible commentary titled 'Samuel and David' has been circulated for poof-reading and approval, covering chapters 17 to 31 of 1 Samuel.

July 1st 2022. Spanish commentaries: Several new Bible teaching books have now been translated into Spanish for downloading from our website. An offer has been received to print and distribute them in Mexico. Zambia: Five Bible teaching commentaries are being printed personally by our newest distributor in Lusaka, Zambia, in quantities of 100 per title. New edition: A second edition of Revelation chapters 1 to 3 has been uploaded to the website which is now fully illustrated and contains a brief overview of the whole of Revelation.

June 25th 2022. Malawi: Part-funding has been sent to one of our publishers/distributors in Malawi to print four Manna Bible commentaries in either English or Chichewa totalling 2000 teaching books. The remainder of the funding (38%) is from sales money from earlier printings. The books will be used at special events to celebrate Independence Day.

June 21st 2022. Myanmar: A new translation of the Genesis part 1 Bible teaching commentary in the Falam Chin language has just been completed. New distributors: Requests have been received from new distributors to print Manna books in Zambia and Malawi and from a former translator/publisher in Ethiopia.

June 1st 2022. Kenya: Nine Manna Bible teaching titles have been printed, 100 of each title, for library use at Word of Life School of Theology, Kianjai, near Meru, Kenya.

May 18th 2022. Myanmar: Funds sent today to print 500 copies of Manna Bible teaching book on Revelation chapters 1 to 3 in the Hakha Chin language.

May 12th 2022. Manna newsletter: The latest Manna Publications (UK) newsletter has been released for reading on-screen at: latest newsletter.

April 22nd 2022. Kenya: A new initiative has been launched to supply funds to print small quantities of a range of Manna titles as a library resource for Bible college students training in ministry.

Manna Publications Bible teaching commentaries by Fred Morris are for use on your own or to study in a group. They will help you to understand the truth of God who is worshipped by two billion Jews and Christians worldwide. These books will also help you to receive eternal life through His Son, Jesus, the Christ or Messiah. They will help you to talk about your faith in God and to pray to Him. They will help to guide you from going the wrong way in life. They will help you to live a life that is pleasing to God.

WE PRAY that you may have a new peace and purpose in life as you trust in Jesus, read the Bible, and use these commentaries under the guidance of His promised Holy Spirit. Think as you read about what Jesus said and did 2000 years ago and what He is calling you to say and do today.

"The secret of God's Kingdom has been given to you" (Mark 4:11)



Manna Publications Bible teaching commentaries by the late Fred Morris


Cameroon commentaries printed in two languages (French & English) plus Spanish for Equatorial Guinea

Exchange of Manna Bible teaching books printed in Malawi for distribution in Zambia. Note wording on transport vehicle: "Bringing Hope to the Hopeless".

Manna Bible teaching commentaries on Revelation chapters 1-3 printed in Myanmar in the Falam Chin language

Library resource of nine Manna Bible teaching commentaries in the Word of Life Bible training college, Kenya