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October 23rd 2020. Dem. Rep. Congo, Katanga Province: Funding has been sent to subsidise the cost of printing 500 copies of each of the Bible teaching commentaries Moses part 2, in the national and local languages of French and Kiluba, before the rainy season commences.

October 13th 2020. Uganda: Funding has been sent to subsidise the cost of printing 500 copies of Mark part 2 Bible teaching commentary in English for pastors to use in ministry to refugees from South Sudan. Armenia: We request prayer support for our printers, distributors and for church leaders and others in Armenia whose relatives are affected by war in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian enclave surrounded by Azerbaijan.

September 24th 2020. France: American friends of Manna authors, Fred and Lorna Morris, now live in Toulouse and have a church planting ministry. Please Contact Us if you wish to talk to them about Manna Bible literature ministry opportunities in France or overseas.

September 10th 2020. Latest newsletter: The September 2020 newsletter from Manna Publications (UK) has been released: latest newsletter

August 21st 2020. Mozambique: Funding and printer's files are now available for printing 500 copies each of Genesis parts 3 and 4 Manna Bible teaching commentary in the Portuguese language in Beira, where travel and distribution restrictions have been eased. 52% of the cost has been funded locally. A draft copy of the 10th Portuguese title has been received from our UK typesetter, Romans part 2, for printing when funds permit, which was translated during Coronavirus lockdown in Lisbon last month.

August 7th 2020. New website outlet: Eight Manna Bible teaching commentaries in Portuguese have been uploaded to the African Pastors Fellowship eVitabu website for online reading with mobile devices. New title: The latest Manna Publications title edited by the UK editorial team is currently being checked and approved in the USA in readiness for publication in print and on-screen: the Bible teaching commentary on the Epistle of James by Fred Morris. Dem. Rep. Congo, Katanga Province: Funds have been sent to subsidise the printing of 500 copies each of the Ruth & Hannah Bible teaching commentary in the Kisongye and French languages, with half the cost funded locally.

July 29th 2020. France: Armenian immigrants have welcomed eight titles of Manna Bible teaching commentaries via email for printing in Lyon. They are relatives of the Turkish holocaust survivors. The books have been translated into the Eastern Armenian dialect. Mozambique: Print masters have been prepared for Genesis parts 3 & 4 in Portuguese to distribute in Biera. Copies of Mark part 1 printed there before the Coronavirus pandemic can now be sent south to Maputo as originally planned. Dem. Rep. Congo, Katanga Province: Since Tuesday, lockdown was removed and churches will be open on Sunday. A request has now been received to print the Ruth and Hannah Bible commentary in Kisongye & French languages, funded in part from local sales money and a donation from a Congo Mission Hospital.

July 6th 2020. Zambia: Further funding has been sent for publishing Manna Bible teaching commentaries, this time in Eastern Zambia. 500 copies of Mark part 1 and 500 copies of John part 1 are for distribution by 18 local pastors and 500 copies of Mark part 1 are for prison distribution. A local church has sponsored some of the print costs. Uganda: A request to publish more books soon has been received in anticipation of easing virus lockdown restrictions. Malawi: We rejoice that after the recent presidential elections, peace prevails to encourage further book distribution. Latest translation: Romans part 2 translation into Portuguese has arrived from Lisbon ready to make up into a 40-page book format.

June 10th 2020. Zambia: A new Manna publisher in Zambia reports, "I am happy to inform you that there is resumption of public gatherings in Zambia and this includes Church gatherings." She has been asked to proceed with print quotations. Meanwhile, another Manna publisher in Zambia is resuming the distribution of Manna Bible teaching commentaries he printed earlier in March.

May 9th 2020. New edition: A new edition of Mark part 2 Bible teaching commentary in English, Chapters 9 to 16, has been uploaded to the Manna UK website at Manna Downloads for readers, printers and translators to use. Latest newsletter: The May 2020 newsletter from Manna Publications (UK) has been released: latest newsletter with latest information before and after Covid-19 pandemic.

May 4th 2020. New translations: Today we received the Portuguese translation of Genesis Part 4 Manna Bible teaching commentary, "Joseph, the Son who was Servant and Saviour". This will be made up in the UK into an A5 booklet for future printing in Mozambique and also for downloading on websites. Recently, we received the Hakha Chin translation of Revelation Part 1, "Messages to Seven Churches", made up in Northwest Myanmar ready for printing.

April 20th 2020. Malawi: We have received this prayer request following Coronavirus lockdown announcement: "Pray for Malawi peace and stability. We are living in the last days - the "end times". Yes and we need Manna books in this period."

April 12th 2020. Daily devotions: Recommenced on-line Bible devotionals containing Old and New Testament readings at Daily Manna.

April 5th 2020. New books: Last week we received the print master for the Ruth and Hannah title in the Kisongye language for Dem. Rep. Congo, Katanga province. This week the book make-up has commenced on a new edition of Mark part 2 in Easy English.

"Easy-to-Read English and French Bible Teaching Commentaries - ready to print FREE. Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained - easily translated into other languages. Manna publications are quality study materials delivered to your doorstep in your mother tongue." (David J.S., Resource Networker, Internationally, )

THESE BOOKS are to use on your own or to study in a group. They will help you to understand the truth of Almighty God, whose Hebrew name is Yahweh. He is worshipped by two billion Jews and Christians worldwide. These books will also help you to receive eternal life through His Son, Jesus, the Christ or Messiah. They will help you to talk about your faith in God and to pray to Him. They will help to guide you from going the wrong way in life. They will help you to live a life that is pleasing to God.

WE PRAY that you may have a new peace and purpose in life as you trust in Jesus, read the Bible and use these commentaries. Think also about what Jesus said and did 2000 years ago and what He is calling you to say and do today.


"The secret of God's Kingdom has been given to you" (Mark 4:11)




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