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From worldwide Manna Publications volunteers who translate, publish, print and distribute our Bible teaching commentaries. We give all the glory to God in extending His Bible truth and the Good News of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ through the writings of the late Fred Morris.

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29th February 2024. Malawi: Printer’s files and print money sent to our distributor in Blantyre for Mark part 1 Chichewa and English Bible teaching commentaries to print 1000 copies for distribution by the International Bible College in Lilongwe. Part has been funded locally.

28th February 2024. Prayer request: Please pray for our distributor in Mexico whose mother died recently in El Salvador. Also for the health of our USA mission enabler who is preparing for Manna book distribution events in Mexico. Also for his poorly wife. Please pray for wisdom regarding the print equipment owned by the mission organisation in Mozambique that prints Manna books, to decide on repair or replacement. Please pray for the expertise required in Nepal for typesetting the Bible commentary John part 1 in Nepali for printing and for on-line reading. Praise God for the many distribution opportunities opening up in Africa and pray that our financial and administration resources will be adequate.

2nd February 2024. Zambia: Part funding has been sent today to print 500 copies each of Manna books Mark part 1 in Bemba language and John part 1 in English. The balance of funding was supplied locally. Samples will be distributed at the Pastor's Fraternity in Ndola later this month.

30th January 2024. Mozambique: Prayers have been requested for repairs to the print machine in Beira which has a major fault and is holding up the printing of the latest Manna Bible commentary.

25th January 2024. New uploads: The French version of 1 Samuel Chapters 17 to 31 (Samuel & David) has been uploaded to the website. Also eight more unabridged writings of Fred Morris.

22nd January 2024. New photos: Several new photos have been added to the Manna UK website recording the book publishing ministry in various locations of Africa and Asia.

17th January 2 2024. Zambia: Print files and part-funding were sent today to one of our distributors in Zambia, for printing John part 1 and 1 Corinthians in English. The balance of funding was supplied locally.

12th January 2024. Manna newsletter: The latest Manna Publications (UK) newsletter has been released for reading on-screen at: latest newsletter.

11th January 2024. Website visitors: Our redesigned Manna UK website had visitors in the first ten days of 2024 from these countries: USA, India, D.R. Congo, Benin, Russia, China, Sweden, Kenya, Italy, S. Korea, S. Africa, Dominican Rep., Angola, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Romania, Chile, Chad, Panama, Indonesia, Japan and Iran plus 17 others. A happy new year to all our readers and supporters and volunteers.

30th December 2023. Malawi: Start-up funding has been sent to another new distributor in Malawi to print 500 copies of Mark part 1 in Chichewa.

20th December 2023. Malawi: Start-up funding has been sent to our latest distributor in Malawi to print 500 copies of Mark part 1 in Chichewa. Fred’s unabridged writings: Over 20 of Manna author Fred’s 100+ writings on various Bible topics have now been proof-read and uploaded to the website.

16th December 2023. Mozambique: Funding has been sent to print 500 copies of the James commentary in Portuguese for printing and distribution in Mozambique, East Africa.

15th December 2023. New Spanish title for downloading: The translation of Romans part 2 Chapters 9 to 16 has been uploaded to the website for printing in either A5 or half-letter size booklets and for reading on-line.

12th December 2023. Zambia: Funding has been sent to a new contact in Zambia to start distributing 500 copies of Mark part 1 Bible teaching commentary in English.

4th December 2023. Armenia: Funding has been received for local printing in Armenia of 1000 copies of Romans part 1 Bible teaching commentary. Please pray these will be printed in time for the Armenian Christmas period.

2nd December 2023. Zambia: Part-funding has been sent to print Mark part 1, 1 Corinthians, Acts part 1 and John part 1 commentaries with Chipata Trades Training Institute paying the balance. New edition: A new edition of Genesis part 4 Chapters 37 to 50 in English has been uploaded to the website. Unabridged writings: Further Bible topics by the late author Fred Morris have been added to his “unabridged writings” on the Manna UK website.

27th November 2023. Manna UK AGM: Eleven supporters attended the 23rd Annual meeting by ZOOM. Daily devotions in European languages: The daily Manna devotions are now available on the website in French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as English.

23rd November 2023. Zambia: One of our distributors in Zambia has been sent funding for printing 500 copies of Mark part 1 in English. Ethiopia: Our former SIM printer in Addis Ababa has established his own printing business and has requested trial print runs of Manna Bible teaching books in the Oromo language.

21st November 2023. Prayer requests: Prayer support has been requested for the recovery from illness of our distributor in the north of Mozambique. Also for the believers in Nepal who are mourning the loss of loved ones and property caused by recent earthquakes.

11th November 2023. Zambia: Funding has been sent to our main distributor in Zambia for printing 500 copies each of two titles in English.

9th November 2023. Malawi: Part funding sent to a new distributor for printing 500 copies each of Genesis parts 1 and 2 Bible teaching commentaries in the Chichewa language for training young believers in ministry. The balance of funding has been paid for by a local church. Also, part funding has been sent to our established distributor for printing 500 copies each of Mark part 1 and 1 Corinthians commentaries.

7th November 2023. New Bible teaching commentary: The Manna Publications Bible commentary by Fred Morris on Philippians & Colossians has been uploaded to the website for free printing, online reading and translation. This is the 24th commentary in Worldwide Easy English.

4th November 2023. Manna Publications (UK) website: A redesigned ‘responsive’ website has been launched today for improved online readability worldwide for mobile device users.

Manna Publications Bible teaching commentaries by Fred Morris are for use on your own or to study in a group. They will help you to understand the truth of God who is worshipped by two billion Jews and Christians worldwide. These books will also help you to receive eternal life through His Son, Jesus, the Christ or Messiah. They will help you to talk about your faith in God and to pray to Him. They will help to guide you from going the wrong way in life. They will help you to live a life that is pleasing to God.

WE PRAY that you may have a new peace and purpose in life as you trust in Jesus, read the Bible, and use these commentaries under the guidance of His promised Holy Spirit.

"The secret of God's Kingdom has been given to you." (Mark 4:11)

The Unabridged writings of Fred Morris

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Fred's unabridged (unedited) writings are being uploaded as part of Fred's Bible teaching legacy. They were archived by the late Jim Norman, Bedford, UK. He assisted Fred during the period 2002 to 2017 by proof-reading over 150 Bible topics written by Fred after his retirement in 1990. Note that these booklets have not been edited by Fred's UK editorial team.

Title Topic or series Read text
Aaron, brother of Moses People of the Bible DOC
Adam to Noah History in the Bible DOC
Amos Books of the Bible DOC
Angels The meaning of... DOC
Anti-Christ ...and Christ's return DOC
Authority Christian authority DOC
Babel History in the Bible DOC
Baptism The meaning of... DOC
Beginnings History in the Bible DOC
Christ and His Church Living for Jesus DOC
Coming on the clouds Living for Jesus DOC
Creation History in the Bible DOC
Cyrus the Great History in the Bible DOC
Daniel & the king's dream People of the Bible DOC
Dark Ages The meaning of DOC
Darkness to light Living for Jesus DOC
David's Son reigns The meaning of DOC
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