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May 12th 2022. Manna newsletter: The latest Manna Publications (UK) newsletter has been released for reading on-screen at: latest newsletter.

April 22nd 2022. Kenya: A new initiative has been launched to supply funds to print small quantities of a range of Manna titles as a library resource for Bible college students training in ministry.

April 19th 2022. Zambia: Funds sent to our distributor to recommence printing and distributing Manna Bible teaching commentaries in English after Covid-related and computer-related problems.

April 6th 2022. Dem. Rep. Congo: Funding has been sent today for printing 500 copies each of Ruth & Hanna Bible teaching commentary in the French and Kiluba languages in time for Easter meetings.

March 30th 2022. Translations: New translations received this week are Ephesians in Kiluba for Congo, Genesis part 1 in Spanish for Latin America and Mark part 2 for India in the Kannada language. Malawi: Print masters of four English titles have been sent to Malawi for printing and distribution before Easter.

March 24th 2022. Malawi. Half the print costs have been funded by Manna UK supporters for printing 2000 Bible teaching commentaries in Blantyre for distribution by Reachout Ministries in Balaka, the remainder from local funding. Photos of large print samples of EASY READ Bite-size Manna commentaries have been received from Torch Trust for the Blind for trials with partially-sighted believers in Malawi.

March 16th 2022. Chad. Funds have been sent to our publisher/distributor in Chad for printing 500 copies of Genesis part 3 Bible teaching commentary in the French language.

February 26th 2022. Burkina Faso: Funds have been sent to our long-serving translator/publisher/distributor in Burkina Faso for printing 500 copies of the Ephesians Bible teaching commentary in French.

February 16th 2022. Myanmar: Funds have been sent to our translator/publisher in N.W. Myanmar for printing 500 copies of the Revelation Bible commentary, Chapters 1 to 3, in the local Falam language. (See photo opposite.) Please pray for the displaced and persecuted Christians in the region.

February 3rd 2022. Mozambique: Funding has been sent to print 500 copies of Mark part 2 Bible teaching commentary in Portuguese for distribution in Mozambique. Malawi: Funding has also been sent for printing 750 copies of Mark part 1 in the Chichewa language for two distributors in Malawi.

January 30th 2022. Website uploads: Additional bite-size Manna booklets uploaded today for Mark part 2 commentary in six "easy read English" units for all ages and abilities in full colour or for printing on two coloured A4 sheets of paper.

January 27th 2022. Armenia: Funds have been sent to Armenia towards printing 1000 copies each of Mark parts 1 and 2 Bible teaching commentaries in the Armenian language. Balance of funding has been supplied through Armenian Ministries.

January 18th 2022. Website additions: Bite-size Manna books in mobile-friendly easy English uploaded for reading, viewing, printing and recording, suitable for all ages and abilities. Newsletter: Latest Manna Publications (UK) newsletter has been released for reading on-screen at: latest newsletter.

"Easy-to-Read English and French Bible Teaching Commentaries - ready to print FREE. Western culture/jargon removed and religious terms explained - easily translated into other languages. Manna publications are quality study materials delivered to your doorstep in your mother tongue." (David J.S., Resource Networker, Internationally, )

THESE BOOKS are to use on your own or to study in a group. They will help you to understand the truth of Almighty God, whose Hebrew name is Yahweh. He is worshipped by two billion Jews and Christians worldwide. These books will also help you to receive eternal life through His Son, Jesus, the Christ or Messiah. They will help you to talk about your faith in God and to pray to Him. They will help to guide you from going the wrong way in life. They will help you to live a life that is pleasing to God.

WE PRAY that you may have a new peace and purpose in life as you trust in Jesus, read the Bible and use these commentaries. Think also about what Jesus said and did 2000 years ago and what He is calling you to say and do today.


"The secret of God's Kingdom has been given to you" (Mark 4:11)




Cameroon commentaries printed in two languages (French & English) plus Spanish for Equatorial Guinea

Exchange of Manna Bible teaching books printed in Malawi for distribution in Zambia. Note wording on transport vehicle: "Bringing Hope to the Hopeless".

Manna Bible teaching commentaries on Revelation chapters 1-3 printed in Myanmar in the Falam Chin language